Provincial government is responsible for dealing with the mental health issues and for providing the people with appropriate mental health services whenever needed. But many barriers come across the way of mental health services, and hence there is a need to integrate these services in the mental health policies as well. Also, the lack of staff shortage is the significant issue here that needs to get sorted out. According to a research of 2018, it has been found out that 5.3 million people need mental health services out of which 21% of the needs of the people were not met due to lack of service integration and staff. [1]This report will include the analysis and the discussion of the issues of mental health service integration and the staff shortage.


            Lack of the mental health services is one of the prominent issues faced by the provincial government of Canada, and there is a need to access all those barriers that come across in the way of MHA services. According to a survey of 2018, it has been found out that the needs of 2.3 million people were not met and the primary barrier that comes across this way is the lack of mental health care professionals. The Canadian Mental Health Association also reported that one in every five residents of Canada are suffering from mental health issues. Still, the lack of staff and decreased mental health integrated services do not let the people enjoy good mental health and well – being. Also, according to the Canadian Psychological Association, these issues can be worsened even more f proper mental health care will not be provided to the people. There is a lack in the provincial public health plan, and this lack of provincial government is the significant reason of enhancing mental health issues among people. [2]
Current Status:

            Currently, the provincial government is prioritizing and committing to enhance the access of professional mental health services by emphasizing on integrated MHAs system.

Discussion / Analysis:

            Canada is a democratic country and is associated with different government sectors that perform different tasks. These government sectors include national government, provincial government, and the regional or local government who are integrated to perform different tasks for the betterment of the social policy. Also, three branches are governed by the Canadian government, which are executive, legislative, and the judicial to make the constitutional monarchy function well. [3]Among all these government sectors, the provincial government is responsible for managing the mental health services in Canada. MHA services are not sufficient to let the people enjoy good health, and looking upon these mental health barriers provincial government is supposed to take different steps along with the beneficial interventions. Many potential risks are associated with this issue, and there is a need to improvise the mental health policy in Canada by the provincial government.

            Also, the Canada Health Act must be involving different legal policies to promote the mental health services among the residents of Canada. Failure in this might lead to enhance the mental health issues and ultimately on the mental health and wellbeing. Reasonable access must be present here to deal with the barriers of mental health. Provincial government must also provide funding to the mental health department. [4]This increase in funding will lead to enhance the mental health care and services in Canada, and also it will help in dealing with the issue of staff shortage. So, to decrease the chances of risks and to meet the mental health needs provincial government must be taking different solutions like stepping into different care models, providing training centres for the mental health professionals and providing the health insurance policies. All these interventions will specifically function to lower down the risk of mental health issues, and increased funding will enhance the workforce of the mental health professionals as well. Psychotherapy centres must also be a part of this.


            Different options are available here that can be utilized to enhance the mental health services in Canada. The public health care system must be made accessible to deal with the mental health issues. Provincial government must use the government and nongovernment funding to enhance the psychotherapy centres and to improve the mental health care pathways. Other than this, the present care model and the Mental Health Act must be improvised to involve the policies which will function to deal with the possible barriers coming in the mental health.


            To strengthen and to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, different policies must be introduced by the provincial government. Also, mental health framework must be improvised by enhancing the mental health integration services. Increased funding for the mental health will be the most appropriate solution to deal with the issue of mental health staff shortage.

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