Scientists have uncovered several genes which account for 20 percent of the diversity in BMI throughout the population and these genes make a minor difference in our body weight. Each person got a different combination of these genes thats why every food give a different form of pleasure to every person in that way genetics affect hunger and pleasure a person gets from food. Another effect of genetics can be detected in the energy regulation system of our body by affecting how soon our body sends signals to the brain that we are full.

I follow some charts some dietary plan to keep and maintain my fitness daily. Also I follow these points daily to achieve my fitness goals.

Making fitness a priority necessitates giving something up.

It wasnt an easy decision to commit to working out every day. I, like everyone else, only have 24 hours in a day, and before this summer, I gave no thought to making time for physical activity a top priority. Now that I was on a fitness quest, I realized that I needed to set aside about 1.5 hours each day to work out (including showering and stretching). To put it another way, I had to make time for exercise by eliminating something from my schedule. So my first priority is making and keeping fitness on daily basis which will help me to achieve my daily basis goals.

Setting a goal is important.

When I first began my 10day fitness challenge, I had no specific fitness goals (other than finishing the 10 days). Firstly I set my goals toward fitness, toward health and exercise. I exercise daily to 5k to reach my fitness goal

Track my food goals and intake

I set my dietary plan to keep and track my fitness. This dietary plan help me to achieve my goals on daily basis. My daily basis dietary plan is Swapping refined processed carbs with a fiberrich source such as bread, pasta, muffins with fruits, vegetables, and whole grain sources is an excellent way to improve diet. Swapping animal fat with plantbased fat, such as avocados, seeds and nuts in place of meat and cheese. Using healthier oils for cooking instead of fatty ones such as refined canola or vegetable oil. This dietary plan help me to achieve my goal on daily basis.

Exercise makes me happy

Endorphins are released as a result of physical activity, and this in turn elevates ones mood. This has been one of the most pleasurable aspects of working out for me. The benefits are amplified when I work out first thing in the morning. Morning workouts are a terrific way for me to get my day started off with some exercise. Happiness is very important in your life to achieve any hard goal in your life.


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