Kai has been diagnosed with asthma at the age of 8 years, and he has been facing emotional instability and learning disabilities due to negligence. Asthma is a long lasting disease, and it requires high class care and monitoring. Kai is not getting medical assistance, as his mother has transport issues. Asthma requires self care and self management approaches, so is the case with Kai. Asthma is a condition in which damage to alveoli occurs which is the main part of the exchange of gases. Damage to these alveoli narrows down the inner vessels that prevent the efficient exchange of gases. Due to this narrowing of vessels and inflammation, obstacle occurs in the breathing process.  (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011). Thick mucus produces inside the bronchial tubes, and this is the major reason for causing asthma. Although the condition can make under control using different drugs and regular visits to the doctor. Kai is showing negligence in this condition, as he has been involved in smoking and his mother is also not showing care. If the condition goes unchecked it may cause many issues to Kai negatively impacting his emotional and physical health. First, kai should have educational knowledge about the disease from which he is suffering. The condition can worsen if there is a lack of knowledge to take drugs that provide relief. Kai is also facing the issue of ADHD and learning disabilities. Considering the above conditions there is a need for a proper care plan for Kai otherwise the condition can get worsen even more. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011). Her mother must also be upgraded with the condition of Kai and every aspect of Kai’s condition must get clear to his mother, and there is a need to educate both of them by giving them instructions. The school must also be provided with instructions to provide Kai with an edge that help him with relief.


Care plan:



Identified problem



Kai has the issue of asthma from the age of 8 years, and he is also facing learning disabilities and ADHD. Wheezing issue and emotional instability is also addressed.



SMART outcomes



His condition must be assessed over time to see the improvements and severity if any. The main objective is to provide Kai and his mother with education and the severity of the disease. The target will also be prescribing efficient medications to Kai that will provide him with instant relief.






Kai must have a regular visit to doctor and he must set out short term goals to get over the smoking issues. Following SMART goals must be his first priority along with the usage of nebulizer or inhaler. He must not be smoking and for this purpose proper education is highly essential.





The holistic approach is highly efficient in treating asthma, as it provides a proper assessment approach. This approach is not only efficient in getting over the physical needs but also interferes with the patient’s mental health, emotional health, and well being. Kai is also facing emotional issues due to asthma, and his mother is also not paying importance to him. (Karen, 2019). The self management holistic approach demands proper medications, care, and assistance. Allopathic medicine is highly efficient for the treatment of asthma as it will be assisting Kai to have instant relief. This treatment is a highly effective strategy as it is one of the low risk strategies. This valuable intervention is an alternative treatment for getting over the severity of the disease. Kai is involved in smoking and he is also facing the wheezing sound while breathing. This is a signal that his condition might get severe if the condition gets unaddressed. The holistic approach also demands that the patient must not smoke but Kai was not doing self care. Although he knows that he has this disease. So considering this, he must have an education. For this purpose, proper education is provided to the patient to know the after effects of the disease. He is also facing emotional problems, due to this lack of knowledge. He does not know how to handle the disease. (Karen, 2019).

Different types of medications assist in the treatment of asthma and these help in preventing the severity of the disease. Kai must have the educational knowledge about managing his health, as it will be highly helpful to control asthma. The medications that will be helping Kai includes quick relief medications, that will be providing Kai with instant relief from pain. This facilitates the breathing process by providing relief to the breathing process. So, Kai must have proper quick relief medication. Another medication that will be helping Kai to get over the disease will be controller medication. The purpose of this medication is to prevent the asthma attack. But with these medications, Kai must also have the educational knowledge that smoking can increase the severity of asthma. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011). So the topmost priority for Kai is to provide him with education. Alternatively, her mother must also be educated with the care plan to provide Kai with a regular visit to the doctor. She must not neglect Kai’s condition due to the transport issue. After providing Kai with proper education about the disease, the doctor must make sure that he prevents doing smoking because it can hurt him even more. asthma can be treated with different medications that could be in the form of a pill, liquid, or an inhaler. The most appropriate form of immediate treatment is the use of an inhaler. Inhalers are of various type and it depends on the condition of the patient that which inhaler will be the best. this form of telemedicine is the most efficient strategy that will be assisting for Kai, as her mother cannot visit the doctor regularly due to transport issues so she can use this strategy to prevent the condition of Kai to get worsen. The gap in Kai’s visit to the doctor will not favor his good health. Kai has been diagnosing with the issue of asthma at the age of 8 years, which is quite young. So Kai must not ignore the severity and the after effects of the disease. Kai is also facing learning disability and ADHD, which is due to the ignorance in self care. So have a look at these conditions Kai should have enough knowledge to protect himself from the severity of the disease and the importance of self management. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011).

SMART goal strategy will be helping Kai here to get over the issue and to reduce the attack at a higher ratio. SMART goals include specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Practicing these goals will help the Kai is self management. Application of SMART goal strategy will help Kai to stay specific about defining the goal. The goal here will be taking medications on time and preventing smoking he must also visit a doctor to measure the performance and emotional instability issue. the achievable goal here is the prevention of smoking by setting short term goals. Staying realistic for an appropriate time will be helping asthma patients to get over the disease. For self maintenance, this strategy is highly effective, as it will aid in controlling the asthma attacks and maintaining the symptoms. (Karen, 2019). It will also help in improving pulmonary functions. Asthma exacerbations might cause the severity of the disease and the following goals and proper medication will help in improving the condition of Kai. Telemedicine will help Kai to get over the disease and this will also overcome the issue that her mother is facing to visit a doctor for a regular prescription. Many shreds of evidence show that this strategy is highly effective to control the risk and severity of asthma. Otherwise, it can highly impact the condition of Kai. He must also have the awareness that smoking can increase the chances of risk and the number of severe asthma attacks. He must set short term goals to reduce smoking and using the non drug inhaler strategy. The usage of nebulizer will provide him with instant relief. He must facilitate his health by working upon the physician’s advice as it will help him in long time prevention and quick relief from the breathing obstruction. Using telemedicine will he helping Kai to enhance the performance of the lungs by reducing the layer of mucus in bronchiole that is causing the obstruction. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011). Smoking also damages the alveoli that are the main point for the exchange of gases. So to get over the disease Kai must be the proper knowledge of his condition along with the negative impacts that he might face due to smoking. Schools must also provide Kai will a little edge as they provide warnings to Kai at any time due to his decreased performance and learning disability. So, here health education must also be provided to the school of Kai. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011)


            Due to the increasing side effects of asthma Kai is facing ADHD along with emotional instability. These conditions are due to the reason that he is not paying attention to self care and management because this is the only way he can increase the will power to get over the severe symptoms of the disease. Also, he must take regular medication as prescribed by the physician. Setting SMART goals will also be helpful for him to fight with asthma attacks. Asthma is a disease the requires proper care and support, otherwise the condition can get worse if unaddressed. (Khatry & Abbulu , 2011). Following the above advice plan will assist Kai and his mother to deal with the obstacles coming in his way to control the medical condition. Visit the physician will also be helpful for Kai’s health as a doctor will provide him with alternative ways and goals that he must accomplish to get over the disease. It will also educate Kai about the reason that is mental health. Concisely, following the above are plan, is highly efficient to help the Kai is living a healthy life.


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