Apple is one of the most successful and widely famous brands in the world today. The company was founded by Wozniak and Steve Jobs created in Bay Area in 1976. The company has grown in a massive structure since the beginning. Apple has extended even marketing groups that play host gatherings like annual conferences named WWDC i.e., Worldwide Developers Conference. The conference takes place featuring technical and designfocused sessions, consultations for guidance, networking opportunities, and keynote speeches by highly successful speakers (Dolata, 2017). Apple also hosts special events every year like big press conferences for announcing new products of Apple. For example, in 2018, the company announced plans to bring better versions of its most popular products like the iPad, Mac mini, and Mac Air.

Extent to which Apple innovative activities geographically dispersed

Special events held by Apple are dedicated to creating excitement and a bit of a mystery for conferences or expos. The platform is also used for displaying details of their upcoming products or new update on the products. These expos are organized to generate excitement about the company’s offer and also give them the opportunity to buy it (Gehani, 2016). Similarly, MacWorld/iWorld was one of the annual trade shows for Mac products. The people who attended it were able to learn new ideas from the greatest minds in the technological world whereas the expo is the platform where vendors sell the latest and best products specially made for Mac computers.

Innovative activities of Apple in different countries

Apple expo was first held in 1984. This event has been used to announce new products. The expo is held in different locations across the world like in France, Germany, and the US. It was considered the equivalent of MacWorld/iWorld for the next decade. Apple expo is one of the successful examples which attracts the audience (Pisano, 2015). During a pandemic, the expos were relocated to Spain due to restrictions. This gave the company an opportunity to connect more people to the brand. One of the famous events called “Today at Apple” is an instore training for Apple users to learn how to use their products. Such events are offered free of cost and mainly focus on health and fitness, photography, coding, etc.

For photography, an event like Photo Walk is organized. Participants go along with Apple employees’ guidance walk around the place and learn how to take pictures on their iPhones. Each event has a special theme like Capturing Light and Shadow’. It teaches participants to improve the quality of photos with lighting techniques. An amusing aspect of this initiative is that it offers participants devices to use during the walk. iPad and iPhones are given to potential customers to try Apple products.

Video Lab is another event that is basically a training session that focuses on teaching advanced techniques for creating videos with features like the illusion of teleporting and other visual tricks. These classes are organized for building a foundational knowledge of a video creator and anybody can participate in the same (Dhingra, 2017). In this event too, the latest iPhones are given for use, free of cost. This tech platform event is available for students since it enables Apple to showcase its products for increasing sales.

Significance of Apple’s innovative efforts in home country

Coding lab for kids is another innovative event hosted for the kids. It is a coding workshop for children between the ages of six and twelve who have basic knowledge of coding. By hosting this event, Apple is trying to raise up the new generation of the company’s fan boys and girls. Recently, the company has made attempts to enter new market attractions. The event is Health and Fitness Skill training at local stores of Apple (Hsiao and Hsu, 2018). The participants learn to use health applications on iPhones. The application is useful in tracking users’ activities, mindfulness, nutrition, and sleep. With the help of this app, users can track health data in the simplest ways.

Events hosted by Apple mainly focus on educating their audience through training sessions for deepening the bond with current as well as potential customers. The hiring process by the company is also turned into an event. This way the recruitment process becomes fun and brings excitement to potential employees (Waller and Sag, 2014). As many jobs require customer service skills and during such events, it gives the company an opportunity to see how candidates fare in such a setting. Through such events, Apple attempts to put the audience first always. The company works better with experiential marketing and audiencecentric events. Their every event strives to propel the company forward with such a big and open platform for use along with announcing new products and offering a chance for the best talent in the tech field.

Significance of Apple’s innovative efforts in foreign located locations

Apple has announced recently that customers around the world can now enjoy their services. The app store, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and other services are accessible in 20 countries, whereas Apple Music is available in 52 countries. The Maldives and Myanmar are among the AsiaPacific countries where these services are available. They can also be found in European countries like BosniaHerzegovina, Georgia, Serbia, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq in the Middle East. They can also be found in Oceania countries like Nauru, Tongs, and Vanuatu. Apples App Store is available throughout the course of 175 nations and regions (LiébanaCabanillas et al., 2020). In terms of security, there is no better app store than the App Store which is visited by half a billion people each week. The App Stores extends ways for developers to build businesses. Since its launch, developers are successful in creating new innovative apps which have had a good influence on cultures across nations and changed lives.

One of the other interesting services by Apple is the Apple Arcade. It is a game subscription service within App Store. It gives unlimited access to users to more than 100 games that are available and playable on iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and TV. With the help of visionaries ingame developments, the Arcade is able to add new games every month. Similarly, a service called the best way to find and listen to the worlds largest collection of podcasts is via Apple Podcasts (Radnejad et al., 2020). It is available in more than 175 countries and 100 different languages. iCloud is also one of the essential services created for keeping users’ data safe in all linked Apple devices. The data includes photos, documents, fingerprints, and iCloud allows users to share and collaborate easily.


Currently, Apple supports 2.7 million positions across the world by direct business. It is additionally the biggest citizen in the US and pays billions of homegrown corporate personal duties throughout the most recent five years. As of late as a piece of the venture and development of the organization, they intend to put $1 billion in North Carolina. This venture would make somewhere around 3,000 new positions in AI, software engineering, and machine learning (Podolny and Hansen, 2020). Apple is also going to establish a $100 million fund for supporting the school and community initiatives in some areas and would be contributing $110 million in North Carolina counties for infrastructure building like roads, public schools, bridges, and broadband. Apple has been so far successful in meeting its commitment to creating new jobs in the US as set by them to achieve by 2023 creating 20,000 jobs.

The organization in California has figured out how to extend its groups across the state and is supposed to become its San Diego group by 5,000 representatives by 2026. Essentially, in Colorado, the organization is making its designing instructor and is set to utilize 700 individuals by 2026. In Massachusetts, in 2018, Apple announced to add many new positions, and in Texas construction of the Apple campus at Austin is soon to be ready for use. In Washington, Apple has recently opened LEED i.e., Leadership in Energy and Environment Design for its 1000 local employees in Seattles South Lake Union area (CegarraNavarro et al., 2019). In Iowa, the organization is supposed to make another server farm which is north of 500 developments and activities occupations in Waukee. The organization has additionally been supporting local area framework programs including Triumph Park which is a 66section of land sporting facility. The company has fulfilled its employment commitment of hiring people from Miami, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Portland, and New York.

Apple Inc. Innovation in dispersed geographical locations

Apple is successfully growing its team and other operations in the US, they are also committed to taking efforts in environmental matters which focus on renewable energy and green innovative solutions. 60 sites on the Apple site in the US are certified LEED till now. Apple has been operating carbon neutral in all operations in the US and also across various countries. They have focused on going 100 percent carbon impartial in the entirety of its store network and items by 2030. To bring development and further develop development in this area, Apple has sent off $5 billion worth of assets in 2017 for Advanced Manufacturing Fund 2017 (Tou et al., 2019). Due to this asset, there has been a forward leap in advancements in laser innovation, 5G infra, feasible material turns of events, and other such significant fields. In the Indiana locale, the organization has made a new $100 million worth Advanced Manufacturing Fund for putting resources into the condition ofcraftsmanship office and other conveyance habitats at Clayton which should be under activity of XPO Logistics to speed up their conveyance courses of events and customized material. This is supposed to make new 500 positions at the middle.


In the Indiana region, the company has created a new $100 million worth Advanced Manufacturing Fund for investing in the stateofart facility and other distribution centers at Clayton which is supposed to be under operation of XPO Logistics to accelerate their delivery timelines and personalized material. This is expected to create new 500 jobs at the center. In Texas, Apple allotted the Advanced Manufacturing Fund in 2017 for laser technology development in New Jersey, Pennsylvania which led to the creation of power Face ID and Animoji, Memoji, and others (Foerderer, 2020). The company is also spending millions of dollars in states of silicon engineering and 5G tech. These two fields have been pivotal in supporting cutting edge buyer gadgets. Because of the sendoff of 5Ginnovation since the iPhone 12 and the new iPad Pro, Apple has had the option to grow and assist this innovation all through the country. Henceforth, the main impetus for development and development among organizations that additionally support 5G. The production of the New Silicon Initiative and its extension is explicitly intended for understudies who need a profession in equipment designing and silicon chip plan through college programs at Historically Black Colleges and different Universities in the country.

Clean Energy

The company has been successfully achieving its goal to invest in clean energy products and projects of green technology in the US as well as across the world. They have also announced a major undertaking in Californias Monterey County for energy capacity including its micro grid at its park. The organization actually keeps up with its driving situation in the spotless energy field with $4.7 billion spending on Green Bond that as of late put resources into sun based and wind projects in urban communities like Virginia, Illinois, and Nevada. This brings clean energy and furthermore makes lucrative positions for nearby networks in the country. The organization upholds a lot of positions in the imaginative iOS application economy which got $138 billion trade in 2019 in the actual US. Starting today, the Apple App store holds more than 2.1 million positions in every one of the 50 states in the US.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a successive pattern of innovation by Apple after iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The product delivers the best experience to the user like previous products. The Apple Watch is a minimized product of the iPhone. It is a touch screen that enables a nimble and precise zooming feature with scrolling that does not hamper the view. A new feature of touch sensitivity can tell difference between touch for tap and for a press (Gautier and Lamesch, 2021). This feature allows the user to a range of contextually specific controls instantly. The feature allows selecting different faces. The watch comes with haptic feedback which taps on the wrist. On receiving a notification or alert or while performing any task, the user can feel the tactical sensation that is different from other sensations.


The company brought a revolution in personal technology by introducing Macintosh in 1984. Now, Apple is a leading innovator with iPhone, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, and TV. The software development platform like iOS, iPod, macOS, tvOS gives an interesting and smooth experience on all Apple devices and these operating systems empower users with help of services like App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and only recently through Apple Pay. Employment generation by the company is incomparable with more than 10000 employees who are dedicated to making worldclass and best products for all.


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