Adidas overview

Adidas AG is one of the worlds largest sporting products firms. The main brands that the company sells under are adidas, Reebok, and Taylor Madeadidas Golf. Over 170 subsidiaries are spread across Europe, the United States, and Asia, each focusing on a different business segment. Adolf and Rudi Dassler began promoting Adidas in 1949 with the help of their brother Adolf. In honour of its founders Adolf and Dassler, Adidas was renamed Adi and Dass to honour their first names.In 2006, the business changed its name from adidasSalomon to adidas AG (adidas). Design, innovation, and management all come together at the organisation to create goods and engage customers. Competition is severe in the footwear market, and one way to offset that competition is to innovate,(Pandey et al, 2021). From production facilities to the design of footwear and other accessories, innovation can be found in a variety of ways. With a wide range of channels, it sells and distributes products through various channels, including its ownbranded outlets and independent retailers as well as wholesalers and sporting goods chains as well as buying groups and department stores. Online and mobile shopping apps are also used to promote company products,(Steven et al, 2021).

The adidas brand is used to market the companys goods. Various product franchises are also undertaken by the company. Operating in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are the various divisions of the firms global network of offices. A big part of Herzogenaurach, Germany, is home to Adidas headquarters,(Pandey et al, 2021). Currently, Adidas is the secondlargest sportswear producer in the world behind Nike, which is the leading sportswear manufacturer in the US. Design, production, and distribution of athletic and sportsrelated products are the primary activities of Adidas AG (adidas).


According to the adidas Groups most recent annual report, net sales were around 21.23 billion euros worldwide. Product categories include footwear, clothes, and hardware for the corporation. In 2021, footwear accounted for the majority of sales.

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Mission, vision and strategy of Adidas                                             

Throughout its long history, Adidas has been able to demonstrate a great deal of swagger and swagger power. With the everevolving sports shoes, gear, and other accessories over the years, Adidas mission and vision statements have steadily changed, and this has been crucial in securing the companys leadership position in the present markets.


The Adidas mission is:  The Adidas Group aims to be the sporting goods industrys global leader with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporty lifestyle. We are devoted to constantly improving our brands and goods in order to maintain our competitive position.Allegations are made about the companys endless capacity to produce the best products for athletic improvement. In addition, as a branding strategy, it emphasises its unwavering commitment to staying abreast of market developments. When it comes to supplying its customers with the best products, Adidas sees itself as a leader in the industry (Rizaldi et al, 2021). Due to their love for sports, Adidas has a culture that is sportscentric in every part of the organisation. Adidas, for example, pays special attention to the finer elements of its displays in the areas of mens and womens sports shoes. Aside from making sports apparel, Adidas is a big supporter of sports through running targeted advertising and securing sponsorships to help develop young athletes,(Steven et al, 2021).


Adidass vision is to be the design leader in the sports market around the world, with a focus on getting the best out of athletes through performanceguaranteed products. The companys operations and priorities might serve as a springboard for developing a vision statement. It focuses on the innovative nature of Adidas, which has made it one of the bestknown brands in its industry. Adidas reaffirms that it is not a company that merely follows the pack. When it comes to innovation, however, it is driven by the goal to lead the pack by setting a quality bar that fulfils the expectations of its clients. In fact, the companys strategy emphasises making new as a vital component of the market leadership it offers,(Patras, V, 2021).


Developing a strong business strategy is critical to creating a marketleading brand. Competitiveness in the 21stcentury marketplace requires a wellthoughtout corporate strategy. In the corporate world, things move quickly. To succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly changing corporate environment, strategic planning is essential.   Adidas business strategy has undergone various revisions in the last several years in an effort to achieve greater global expansion more quickly,(Iglesias et al, 2020).

The Adidas Group aims to be the worlds leading sporting goods company, together with a range of brands built on a love of sports and the sporting lifestyle. Adidas business strategy emphasises product development and development of new and innovative products, as well as building a relationship with clients and engaging them emotionally. Demographic, psychographic, and behavioural aspects are also taken into account. Marketing and product quality have led to increased popularity, increased sales, and increased brand equity. It has incorporated sustainability into all parts of its business strategy, from the supply chain to the manufacture of products and the design of retail concepts,(Pandey et al, 2021). To maintain its own character, adidas also works hard to focus on its strengths, such as the greatest marketing and distribution networks in various nations. The companys brand portfolio includes wellknown names in the sports apparel sector, including as Adidas, Reebok, Rockport, and Taylor Made, as well as many others. Adidas has a culture that encourages innovation and the adoption of new ideas. Adidas also bases its positioning on a user and benefit strategy,(Steven et al, 2021). Adidas has been working to improve the customer experience in order to improve the image of its brand for several years now.

The market is currently dominated by Nike, but Adidas sales have quickly increased. The company is preparing for a big leap in the near future. As part of the companys new business strategy, the corporation has shifted its strategic focus to more sustainable products and technical innovation,(Rizaldi et al, 2021). Adidas aims to become the worlds first truly fast sports corporation. One of the most essential aspects of the companys new business strategy is its emphasis on speed. In order to increase revenue more quickly and achieve better financial and operational outcomes, it also intends to take use of its scalable operations strategy,(Pandey et al, 2021).

Public or Private Company

Adidas is a publicly traded worldwide enterprise and a leading sportswear brand. A global company with a wellknown three stripes emblem, Adidas is a household name around the world. The companys product range includes anything from hightech sports gear and clothing to accessories like backpacks, watches, and eyeglasses. With more than 57,000 employees in more than 170 subsidiaries throughout the world, Adidas is one of the worlds largest sporting goods companies,(Iglesias et al, 2020).

The Size, Locations, Financial strength, and Reputation of the Company

Adidas is a wellknown brand for its sportswear offerings. The company ships its items all around the world and is wellknown for them, particularly among athletes. Adidas has a global presence in over 165 countries. In addition, the company employs more than 57,000 people around the world, with yearly net sales growth of up to 12 percent,(Iglesias et al, 2020). The companys North American affiliate accounted for 21% of global net sales in 2018, bringing the total to over $21.94 billion. Market share of 10.1%, a market value of €34.5 billion, and brand value of $16.4 characterize the companys popularity among Europeans with disposable income over the poverty line. In addition, the companys profits have grown by up to 22% annually.

Adidas has maintained its position as one of the worlds most trusted brands for the past five years. An improvement in all areas of business is the foundation for Adidas good and consistent performance in the Global RepTrak 100, especially when it comes to how people regard the companys governance efforts, RepTrak noted of Adidas,(Patras, V, 2021).


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