One of the most well known automobile retail groups in the United Kingdom shuttered three showrooms in the cities of Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax in order to build a single supersite showroom in the city of Manchester. Up framing and restructuring of the company are needed in order to achieve this goal, which will necessitate the employment of new employees, including managers, sales representatives, technical workers, labourers, and other professionals. For the purpose of achieving the objective of completing one supersite successfully and with the anticipated outcomes, one of the external project managers has been recruited to coordinate, collaborate, and oversee the internal team on an independent basis. The anticipated supersite would include 4000 vehicles and will be staffed by 128 employees, including 42 supervisors. It has been allocated to the project manager six workers from the business, including accounts managers and site managers, who have never worked together before, and the whole team is overseen by the CEO s nephew, who is also the project manager. As a result, this new team has a wide range of knowledge, skill, and experience in the area of automobile showrooms. Those who are financing this new initiative are Harper, who is located in Germany, and Jennings, who is based in the United Kingdom. A total of £ 250,000 has been set aside to assist Company X, which has incurred financial losses as a result of the closure of its previous locations. Initially, these monies will be sufficient to kickstart the business; however, more financial assistance will be needed after the site begins to generate profits.

The acquisition of new land in Manchester for the purpose of establishing a supersite will incur significant relocation expenses. As a result, the board of directors places significant pressure on the top management team to produce profits as quickly as feasible. Company X has been forced to shut its Salford showroom as a result of increasing pressure and protest from the Green Crusaders, who are opposed to the establishment of the auto dealership. In order to retain and reward loyal and valued employees, the board of directors is rushing to open a new supersite in Salford. However, this places a heavy responsibility on the Project Manager because if there is even the slightest mistake or error, all blame will be placed on the PM and no one else will be held accountable. Another problem with the present situation is that owing to Covid 19, the vehicle supply is low. As a result, just 40% of the existing car stock will be exhibited in the new showroom. The following report is split into three sections. The first step is to develop a project plan, which includes a description of the work schedule, the overall project length, and an estimate of the expenses. The second step is to execute the project plan. The second section discusses organisational problems such as project monitoring, stakeholder management, and resource management, as well as the most appropriate and optimal solutions for each issue discussed. And the last section describes the project strategies that Project Manager will create, develop, and implement while taking into consideration the present situation of business X.

Project Approach

In order to accomplish a project, it is highly important to ensure that a prior plan is available, comprising of formal practices, and techniques. It will not only help to achieve the desired outcomes of the project. Hence, an official framework of the project will be made, such that the project manager will formulate a team of professionals, to achieve a common vision. It is not feasible to finish any project without a defined framework of practises, tools, and methods that are required to monitor and manage the project in order to achieve positive results at all stages. It is essential to have a project agreement that includes teams that have a similar goal. In the case of Company X, a project manager oversees a team of six employees, which includes accountants, salespeople, and other site managers (Saltz & Crowston, 2017). The company s primary goal is to open a supersite showroom on newly acquired land in Manchester, with the goal of making it operational as soon as possible after the acquisition. While reflecting upon the case of Company X, it can be visualized that the official framework of the project will be led by the project manager, and further the following personnels will be indulged, to ensure that the goals of the project are duly achieved:

  1. Cashiers
  2. Accountants
  3. Sales Staff
  4. Site Supervisor
  5. Managers
  6. Customer Service

Financing of the Project

 In order to accomplish the project that is being undertaken by Company X, it is highly important to ensure that sufficient finances are available to finance all the activities that will be taken up in the due course of the project. For the same reason, it is important to reflect upon the various sources of finance that are available to the company, in this regard. The primary sources that are taken into account for the purpose of financing, comprises of various collaborations through businesses, and as well as sponsorship arrangements, through private investors or public. In case of public investments, the usual investments come through Initial Public Offers. However, Company X will be getting the desired funds through a franchise arrangement, that is, with Jennings and Harper. Hence, Company X will get £250,000 from Jennings and Harper to fund its operations. The funding brought so will not only operationalize the venture of Company X, but it will also further be sourceful in obtaining the consent of the shareholders and to further ensure an effective decision making.

Scope of the Project

A major financial crisis has hit Company X as a result of the closing of its showroom locations in Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax, as well as the intense pressure exerted by Green Crusaders on the showroom in Salford. Because of the uncertainty surrounding their futures, the sales team and other employees may be able to seek alternative employment options. Consequently, the goals are very clear: to launch the new facility in Manchester with 128 employees, 42 supervisors, and a fleet of 4000 vehicles. The expected result is to acquire a prominent position in the retail automobile business by producing revenues and profits sufficient to compensate for the losses suffered in the past. In addition to this, the new site that will be opened at the Manchester, will ensure that the losses sustained so by the company are compensated, also the losses that are being carried forward to the subsequent years are also compensated.  In accordance with the ongoing situation at Company X, it is quite certain that the financial crises will lead to business seizure, that is unfavourable and as well as unfruitful for the business operations. A major financial crisis has hit Company X as a result of the closing of its showroom locations in Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax, as well as the intense pressure exerted by Green Crusaders on the showroom in Salford. Because of the uncertainty surrounding their futures, the sales team and other employees may be able to seek alternative employment options. Consequently, the goals are very clear: to launch the new facility in Manchester with 128 employees, 42 supervisors, and a fleet of 4000 vehicles. The expected result is to acquire a prominent position in the retail automobile business by producing revenues and profits sufficient to compensate for the losses suffered in the past. The plan proposed so will help the business to make good for the losses that are suffered.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is necessary to have appropriate paperwork in place to clarify the roles and responsibilities of all of the participants in a project. Known as the “RASCI” chart, it is a popular tool for assessing the potential of team members. The letters R stand for responsible, A stand for accountable, S stand for Sign off Authority, C stand for consultative, and I stand for involved. Every member of the team is allocated one of the alphabets of the RASCI according to their responsibilities in the list of team members who have been assigned various assigned duties. The stakeholders then go over various pieces of information about employees, such as communication priorities, contact information, the level of influence that a particular employee has on the project, the level of involvement, and their roles, as well as any other supporting information that may be necessary. As an example, in the instance of Company X, the top management has engaged a Project Manager to serve as the project s planner, strategist, and overall leader. The PM is also supported by a group of people with a wide range of skills and dedication. The job of the project manager involves thoroughly understanding the project goals, then designing a comprehensive roadmap that covers the whole length of the project as well as the necessary resources and money. The sales teams are responsible for working on marketing and advertising initiatives in order to increase the company s revenues, while the accounts manager is responsible for keeping track of the company s total expenses and informing the shareholders of any changes.

Changes Required

It is necessary to establish the scope of the project in order to accomplish it within the anticipated timeframes and with positive outcomes. The development of a robust change management infrastructure is required for this purpose in order to ensure that any new features or services requested by higher management or stakeholders may be included into the project s goals on a timely basis. According to business X, the project manager is under the supervision of the nephew of the company s CEO, which makes it easier to monitor and communicate any updates with the whole project s team.

Mitigation of Risk

There are a number of risks associated with the execution of every project, all of which have the potential to have a direct impact on the organization s advancements, equipment, and resources. It is thus necessary to do thorough planning in order to identify, assess, and monitor the anticipated and unforeseen risks associated with the implementation of action plans. Of the instance of business X, such hazards include the possibility of theft on the premises, late delivery in the goods, and a shortage of utilities. The prime minister has put up a comprehensive action plan for this aim, which will be addressed in more detail in the next section.

Value Creation

Various methods may be used to evaluate the tools and processes that are essential to the effective delivery of an organization s value, depending on the situation. For example, agile management is a helpful method for understanding the needs for effective implementation rather than having to monitor everything from the beginning from the beginning. The technology and processes used in retail vehicles and showrooms are very expensive, which makes them a high risk investment. It is for this reason that mature and planned actions are needed in order to advance.

Communication Plan

Communication is at the heart of 90 percent of successful project management. It is simple to discover potential problems, risks, and tasks that are critical to the project when there is constant input and debate. As a result, the PM has many important responsibilities, including keeping stakeholders informed, constantly coordinating and monitoring tasks and activities, resolving problems, and minimising risks via cautious decision making.

Activity Plan

The Finish to Start Category encompasses all activities such as the installation of fixtures, the connection of utilities, the utilisation of plane space, interior design, the installation of the lighting system, the selection of areas for car displays, the layout and design of the offices, and the selection of areas for staff members offices. FS refers to the conceptual link in which the developmental phases cannot be started until the planning and designing stages have been completed, for this reason This implies that the completion of this step is required in order to open the supersite in a functional state. With the participation of contractors, consultants, and project managers, it will take almost 16 weeks to complete the job. This area includes all of the tasks that are performed from beginning to end, such as bricklaying, CCTV installation, floodlight installation, stock display layout planning, and flooring layout, among others. Because interior and outside planning must be completed in a sequential manner, it will be impossible to begin exterior designing until completing interior planning first. Consequently, it will take about 11 weeks to finish both interior and external design work.


Completion of Content Activities

There are certain actions that can t be performed until the preceding activities have been successfully completed. Finish to Finish activities are those that take place from beginning to end. For example, ordering automobiles and scheduling their delivery times is not possible until the interior and exterior designs have been completely planned and executed. Ordering equipment and furniture setup is also not possible until the interior and exterior designs have been completely planned and executed. To complete this level, it will take about 4 weeks. Marketing campaigns, opening dates, the introduction of new employees, and the efficient use of resources are examples of activities that fall within the Start to Finish Category. In other words, until the project s first activities have begun, it will not be possible to declare the project s completion phase (Matos, Romão, Sarmento, & Abaladas, 2019). The formal opening of the supersite in Manchester is scheduled to take place in about 4 weeks time.

Project Costs

One construction contractor costs £3000 per week, one consultant costs £3500, one sales manager costs £1200, one accounts manager costs £1500, and one project manager costs £1000. As a result, the construction contractor will have work for about 14 weeks at a total cost of £42000. For a total of £28000, a consultant has worked for almost 8 weeks at an expense of £28000. The accounts manager will be on the job for nine weeks, at a cost of about £13500 per person, according to estimates. In 12 weeks, a project manager will play a significant role at a cost of about £12,000. Overheads are about £3000 each week. It is expected to cost £188,500 in total throughout the course of the project s 31 weeks.

Problems Associated


Although the chosen team members are highly qualified, highly experienced and picked with great pressure for a difficult project, some issues may arise. Confidence is an important aspect in every team and because the chosen members of the team have no prior work experience with one another, trust problems may arise. Difference of views and disputes about the project timeline and working conditions. Financial and budgetary problems can influence project performance. The lack of interest in the vision of the business. Group members are unlikely to share crucial information with each other owing to lack of communication. Poor perception of all the essential and focal areas may cause difficulties in the project as a whole. Insufficient team members abilities and skills may influence organisational performance. The lack of a performance evaluation may also influence the project. Unclear objectives may have a detrimental impact on the team members. The low level of motivation of team members may interfere with project execution. Accountability and monitoring methods need to be robust in order to monitor all team members actions. The cause for the project failure may be insufficient risk management.

Proposed Solutions

The confidence of team members that benefit stakeholders, teams and organisations may be enhanced through appreciation, respect and openness. The Project Manager engages all teams to get input on how to accomplish the goal of the business. Another approach is to recognise the team s effort and help it to develop professionally via training, criticism and seminars. There is various project management software available on the market to keep everyone up to date and to provide transparency and accountability in supervision of the tasks of the whole team. The project manager is responsible for determining the skills and competences necessary for the specific project and analysing whether additional personnel or resources are needed. Precise and realistic financial report must be produced to address the budgeting problems in order to prevent overruns. The project manager must specify complete monitoring using the performance metrics to accomplish a shared objective effectively. The intelligent and clear objectives enable the team members to understand the goals and tasks from the start of the project. The project manager should have alternative strategies to address various uncertain situations and project risk management tools may assist identify and assess risks. Direct invitation to stakeholders to participate actively in the development of project planning procedures. Various kinds of cloud based software such as Kissflow Project are the most practical option for handling a project with all time limits. Access to centralised data through mobile phones, computers and other devices is possible.

Analysis of Risks

  1. Since to Covid 19, there has been a significant financial loss to numerous companies owing to lockdowns according to law and regulatory agencies. Similarly, car dealers must likewise update their sales strategy. Company X also only has to display 40% of its vehicle stockpiles.
  2. Due to increasing labour costs, many well established companies struggle in the present scenario to fulfil their expenditure.
  3. After closing two showroom facilities of business X, the project manager has a major problem to use the remaining resources to create a successful sales superficial.
  4. Due to increasing limitations, distribution channel cost inflation is a major danger to any business(Saltz, Hotz, Wild, & Stirling, 2018).
  5. Managing and moving heavy equipment and machinery may harm numerous employees, and back discomfort is very likely.
  6. Following successful vehicle stock delivery, team members are to park all cars away from the location of the client. There is a significant probability of injury when you physically push the vehicles.
  7. Different cleaning chemicals are used to make the vehicles bright and fresh after washing. The personnel responsible for vehicle handling and movement tasks may thus suffer from a variety of illnesses and allergies such as asthma, skin allergies, rashes and much more because of direct contact with chemicals.

Contingency Plan

Establishment of a dedicated staff to combat the coronavirus epidemic. Establish a dedicated team to membership in various business divisions, establish defined authorities and responsibilities to provide adequate and transparent information along with uniform interdepartmental policies. The government has established measures to reduce and exclude operational expenses, so that it may take advantage of this opportunity. Staff must be adequately trained to move heavy equipment in showrooms with an adequate number of customers. Only authorised personnel should be responsible for vehicles immediately after delivery outside of the client area. In cold and dry locations, different kinds of chemicals and associated goods and the security and protective equipment should be used by the personnel to utilise these products in a modest amount. Recognize material risks and allocate assets where they are usually necessary to ensure their viability. Following the set up of assistance, watch the impacts to make feedback adjustments. It may be a smart idea to utilise digital channels to acquire consumers. The management team may alert the management team before time a professional team capable of identifying and monitoring channel risk in order to take various strategic steps to minimise channel risk.

Allocation of Resources

  1. Complete knowledge of vision, purpose and objectives will allow long and short term resource management strategies to be developed. Clear communication is thus essential to the development of a successful plan. The aim of business X is to create a well organized and well established superficial facility which can compensate for previous losses.
  2. The project manager should assess its whole team s capabilities and skills and develop an inventory of its area of competence. This enables efficient use of resources by quickly identifying weak areas to be worked on.
  3. The project manager may identify opportunities and risks in the business environment and can address obstacles within the available resources with senior management in the action plan(Radujkovi? & Sjekavica, 2017).
  4. A approximate estimate of demand and supply should be given, which implies predicting if the available workers with their related abilities can meet demand in the future. This evaluation will advise the strategic team on the dangers to the target.
  5. A project manager is responsible for identifying tools which may have a beneficial impact on the pace and efficiency of the project.

Significance of the Project

Step by step monitoring, control and control allows the project to be successfully implemented on schedule and at anticipated costs. For the project manager the data gathered during the whole process is helpful in terms of decisions and management crisis problems may be minimised by seizing the chances and changing appropriately. This will also improve the project s performance and efficiency.

Construction of WBS

Divide the project into subunits using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which makes it easier to manage the project. This facilitates the identification of problems and facilitates development without a danger.

Control Plan

RTM Matrix

The mapping and tracing of project requirements may be done with the assistance of RTM. It correlates the connection between two standard papers that clarify and visibly clarify the job, and any changes in the original document may also be recognised.

Control Chart

A control chart will be made to enhance and as well as ensure the quality of the project.


It is an abbreviation for the evaluation and evaluation technique of projects. PERT is mostly utilised for the estimate of time since it is difficult to finish the project within the given budget as scheduled. PERT generates an illustrated map of all network activity and offers various probability of completing tasks.


CPM helps to create an enterprise model that involves a downgrade, or a WBS, the duration of each of those tasks, the circumstances under which the errands and endpoints such as accomplishments and expectations relate to the task. The full roadmap is created for the intended tasks, including the start and conclusion of the entire project. It lets you evaluate the essential duties of the project and can manage the time by postponing the less important components. This is why CRM is the most efficient project management tool to identify the float in time and finish the job without waste of time.


It s a sequence of cards on a board mostly utilised for workflow production. It may be used to supervise and manage the project without continuously burdening the team members.

Procurement Plan

In every project, services from outside vendors and contractors are needed for the purchase of equipment and tools, and this is true for every project. It is the project manager s duty to choose suppliers, execute contracts, evaluate the seller s reaction, communicate with upper management, and finally seal the deal on the project (Takagi & Varajão, 2019).

Stakeholders Analysis

Every initiative has a significant effect on the society and organisations that it serves. As a result, it is critical to identify all of the stakeholders and rank them according to their degree of interest, potential, and influence on the project. The manager will then have an easier time putting plans in place that are advantageous to all stakeholders.

Integration of Staff

With the assistance of the project contract, scope testimonial, and action plan, it is possible to keep track of the development of the various components of the whole project and ensure that they are all moving in the same direction.

Quality Assurance

Projects contain clear expectations or task items that must be completed. These expectations must be met in order to fulfil the objectives of the endeavour and the standards of execution. Managing quality includes quality planning, assurance, and control, all of which fall within the purview of the project manager s responsibilities.

Communication Plan

It is the project manager s duty to develop a good communication strategy that includes certain key elements to keep stakeholders informed. Consider the following issues and reasons that should be addressed with the relevant parties. The position of stakeholders on the project is determined by whether there is a particular area that needs to be focused on more or if they are happy with the performances, time schedules, and results of the process as a whole. Finalize the action plan, including the suggested approach for what types of information should be shared with the team, who will be the appropriate department to consult in the event of an emergency, and who will be in charge of managing the whole team.


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