1. 1. Introduction

    This report is focused on identifying the interest, engagement, and visibility of the customers on social media platforms through an effective campaign process. Acceptance of the Facebook campaign has been done in this report for identifying the customer reluctance for preferring particular products or services. Moreover, identification of the objectives for performing effective and authentic research has been done in this report for justifying the targeted group in terms of specified prospective for business illustration. On top of it, recommendations have been given for improving the campaigning process in terms of collecting relevant pieces of information by visibility and interest for a certain product or service in a virtual platform.

    2. Effective campaign for target groups

    Pixeling Campaigns

    Exploring the resonance of Barker et al. (2017), a pixeling campaign signifies the selection of the inner key for an authentic campaigning strategy in order to define the customer need with relative measures. Accepting the vision of the statement, the preference for performing the Pixeling Campaign operation has been signified as a major implication in this research for developing the overall performance of the group of students. Moreover, additional preference has been given to the working process of this tool in terms of signifying the actual need of the customers and performing the marketing aspect accordingly.

    Converters and Clickers

    As per the visualization of Rosário & Raimundo (2021), Converters and Clickers signify those major roles who perform effective product pitching in front of the customers for turning them into assertive perspectives. Analyzing the relevance of the author’s statement, the role of Converters and Clickers in a group specifically formed for the accomplishment of the marketing aspect has been identified for performing effective target marketing campaigns. Reacting to the case, among the group of students who performed social marketing in the virtual platform included an effective team member for demonstrating the product or service description to the customers, for which this particular role has been objected to in this report for enhancing the effective campaign by the group of students.

    Personalized messages

    According to the attendance of Ryan (2017), personalized messages help to define the priority towards a customer for giving importance to their choices. Accepting the resonating statement of the author the acceptance of this concept has been done in this research for performing effective campaigns in a group. Considering the context of the research, effective social media marketing can be performed by the group of students in terms of sending personal messages to the pos[active customers for enhancing the market possibilities and also acquiring more customers randomly from social media who can be maintaining the customer chain for a possibility of target customer base. Selection of the target customers has been done by performing mass emails and messages for identifying the prospective customers. The time for performing the marketing process was between 10 am to 5:30 pm, which was the most accurate time for grabbing the attention of most of the customers through virtual platforms. Determining the pieces of information of the context, the most preferred platform for marketing was Facebook in terms of a huge customer base.

    Quality Content

    The most negative impact of dropping the business expansion through social media marketing was the quality of content. According to the evidence by Scott (2017), the quality of the services provided through social media platforms should be maintained to overcome the diversity of the product preference of the customers. Accepting the consideration of the author the importance has been given to the quality of the services through social media for maintaining the goodwill of the approach given by the group of students while performing the campaign through Facebook.

    Extending audience list

    In terms of positive insight for an effective campaign extension of the audience or customer list as per the database of preferability was the most ascending part for measuring the progressiveness of social marketing. As per the proclamation of Strauss & Frost (2016), a large customer base helps to enhance the possibility of business expansion through virtual platforms.

    Scrutinizing the resonance of the statement done by the author the importance has been given to this particular aspect for performing effective marketing campaigns by the group of students in the UK. The particular adoption of this process can also help to maintain a sustainable SCM for the betterment of the further virtual marketing aspect.

    3. Campaign for defining objectives

    The major objectives of this research were

    1. To identify the target customers by creating effective groups.
    2. To analyze the potential of an effective group in terms of designated responsibility for social media marketing.

    According to the significance of Tuten & Solomon (2017), identification of the target customers is the major factor in performing effective social media marketing of virtual platforms. Considering the fact with the implication down in the case study, several targeted audiences were the main prospect for the students for performing digital marketing in terms of conveying pieces of information regarding the social platform scanning process. On the same note, Roy et al. (2020) have stated that the potential of a particular group should be analyzed in order to measure the possibility of accomplishment of a designated task in the allocated time with authenticity. Accepting the relevance of the statement the consideration of an effective group has been identified in this research for signifying the reliability of performing social media marketing through Facebook.

    In both objectives, the acceptance of virtual platforms for effective social media marketing has been determined in terms of identifying target groups.

    Both personal and virtual approaches have been done for the accomplishment of social media marketing by different student groups in terms of identifying prospective customers across the UK. As per the major findings from these approaches it has been noticed that proper product pitching and effective communication implemented by the student group have got the majority of the responses from the customers present on virtual platforms like Facebook.

    4. Recommendation for improving campaigns

    Defining target audiences

    According to the acceptance by Ponzini & Schofield (2019), defining the target audience for performing effective social media marketing is the key factor. Analyzing the relevance of the author, the recommendation for defining the need of the target market has been situated in this research for the overall exponential growth of social media marketing through virtual platforms.

    Regulating this concept with the student’s accomplishment while working in a group, most of the customer acquisition has been done by that team, this has dedicatedly exhibited the need of target audiences for enhancing the objective of social media marketing. Thus, targeting audiences more specifically has been recommended for better marketing opportunities.

    Engagement with the audiences

    In terms of enhancing social media marketing in groups the recommendation for increasing engagement with the audiences has been identified as the most appropriate way for further business opportunities. As per the proclamation of Zwanka & Buff (2021), engagement with audiences enhances the goodwill of a particular organization or service in terms of repetitive orders. Accepting the concept of business illustration, the recommendation for enhancing the engagement with the customers in the virtual platform has been suggested in terms of identifying the continuous needs, which can incorporate the growth of the corresponding service or organization with the overall group performance. Thus, the recommendation of customer engagement has been stated in this report for enhancing the students performance as a group in the social media marketing process.

    Offering valueadded information

    Considering the proclamation of Clement et al. (2020), proper pieces of information conveyed to the customers help to enhance the product or service preference in terms of developing the marketing prospect in the virtual platforms. Considering this fact with the corresponding context the valueadded information to the customers has been considered the most impactful recommendation for flourishing the group performance of the students. The major insight of this particular assumption was to improve the quality of the marketing process for enriching the possibility of service preference through social media platforms. Thus, this particular recommendation has been given for the enhancement of customer service by advancing the group performance of the students in social media marketing.

    Proper promotion of campaigning

    According to the consideration of Ližbetinová et al. (2019), effective promotional activities through social media can enhance the reach of customer engagement by extending the possibility of customer acquisition and feasibility in the marketing aspect. Analyzing the relevance of the statement this particular recommendation has been suggested for the group of students in terms of performing proper sharing and connectivity with the audience quarries on Facebook.

    Defining target budget

    Scrutinizing the statement of Eagle et al. (2020), a proper budget should be planned before performing a virtual marketing campaign for extending customer reach. Accepting the relevance of the statement, the planning of the budget has been recommended for the enhancement of the group performance of the students for getting the desired customer base on social media platforms. Analyzing the information of the context the preference has been given to Facebook for performing the social media marketing aspect, where an option for boosting a post was available, which can analytically incorporate the paid promotion for getting the desired reach. This particular recommendation can be suggested for the group of students in terms of getting a higher reach of the customers by performing social media meetings along with setting a proper budget for promotional campaigns such as poster making, banners, and flier making.

    5. Demonstration of professional skills


    The reluctance of an effective digital marketing process can be demonstrated by including creativity skills while approaching a customer through a virtual platform. As per the acceptance of Villanova et al. (2021), visual satisfaction is the most important factor when performing social media marketing. Analyzing the view of the author, the creative skill of the approach has been signified in this discussion for maintaining professionalism in the group of students while performing digital marketing.

    Excellent speaking skills

    Effective communication can help to build a sustainable platform for ending a conversation between the customer and consultant for an assertive end of settlement (Zwanka & Buff, 2021). Adopting this concept the group of students has worked on their speaking skills for mitigating the quarries of the customers through virtual platforms such as WhatsApp calls and video conferences for transparency in the demand and supply process. Moreover, excellent speaking skills also help to make the conversation professional in terms of enhancing the relevance of performing virtual marketing for a progressive state.

    Product pitching

    As per the assumption of Scott (2017), effective product pitching in front of the customers for turning them into assertive perspectives. Analyzing the relevance of the author’s statement, the quality of product pitching has been demonstrated as a professional skill for the accomplishment of the marketing aspect and has been identified for performing effective target marketing campaigns. Relating to the case, the group of students who performed social marketing in the virtual platform included an effective team member for demonstrating the product or service description to the customers.

    Visual representation

    In terms of visual representation, the showcasing pattern of the products and services on social media platforms has been defined in terms of making the promotional activity a more professional way (Clement et al. 2020). The enhancement of professionalism has been signified in this report for the advancement of the group of students in terms of presenting the products and services to the customers in a decent and acceptable manner.

    6. Conclusion

    This report has been done based on the previous students performance and the responses of the client and consultants for effective social media marketing in a group. The effectiveness of target marketing has been forecasted based on the pixeling campaigns, converters and clickers, personalized messages, quality content, and extending audience lists for developing the possibility of getting an assertive response from the virtual market. In terms of objective, the identification of the target customers and the potential of an effective group in terms of designated responsibility for social media marketing have been reflected in this report. The recommendations have been suggested based on effective promotional activities, proper budgeting, valuable information, and engagement with customers for identifying the need or demand, which can dynamically enhance the market opportunity on social media platforms. The professional skills for demonstration purposes have been contrasted by focusing on creativity, speaking ability, product pitching, and visual representation of the service on social media.

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