How can computer engineers who performed a study on a system intended to be hacker-proof and cost a lot to implement inform decision-makers about the outcomes of enterprise risk management?



Computer engineers are crucial when integrating management or an organization with IoT activities. Every management component, including machinery and other sectors, is connected to the computer network by the Internet of Things. The engineers worked on various projects, including designing, researching, and testing computer systems, as well as developing and testing circuit board components. This activity has a substantial effect on corporate risk management. It offers a means of addressing the need for the organizations finest system. The function of computer engineers in influencing decision-makers will be discussed. Enterprise risk management and the installation of a pricey, hack-proof technology.

Computer Engineers Role in influencing decision-makers Knowledge


The design, development, and analysis of system reliability are ongoing practices for computer engineers. Computer engineers handle the challenging task of analyzing the applicability and relevancy of the system. To evaluate the systems applicability, they work with various tools. Artificial intelligence is used in organizations (Bento, 2016). There are numerous activities, such as making recommendations for investments. Artificial intelligence is now being used to help in staff hiring. The engineers might play a more significant role in assisting the decision-makers with the system that will be installed. The organizational fit of the business applications created for the organization is tested and assessed. The system in question is being tested to ensure it satisfies all the criteria set forth by the components above (Oge, 2016).

Their intellectual capacity is being used to test the hack-proof devices. They employed Java and other computer programs to test the hacking benefits in the systems. It is the most practical tool for businesses. The decision-makers may benefit more from this action (Sharma, Moon & Park, 2017). This is because they might further integrate computer systems into the organization based on this. If any deviations from the stated features of the application are discovered, it will then undergo rechecking. There can also be a financial benefit. This is so computer engineers can test the application if any issues are discovered. In terms of computer components like processors, memory, devices, routers, networks, and circuit boards, they assist in making the optimal selection for the organization. These are technical phrases that the decision-makers need help comprehending (Brundage et al., 2018). As a result, it might help evaluate the technical aspects of the organization. After analyzing the pricey and hacker-proof system, computer specialists carry out the following tasks:

Role of computer engineers

Research and analysis of software or business applications are necessary before any organizational task to ensure that the task will bring the company maximum profit. The action might have a more significant impact on the organizations profitability. Computer engineers research to find the most effective system for the organization. The systems used by rival companies in the same industry are being analyzed as part of this (Shackelford, 2018). This activity may serve a useful purpose. This is so that computer experts may use it to create the finest application possible for their company.

The companys decision-makers may benefit from this with its support. The decision-makers are familiar with the hack-proof systems technical jargon and recognize the value of putting the system in place for the organization. It offers the decision-makers the best benefit. This is due to computer engineers providing all relevant system information (Lee, 2019). Based on this, the decision-makers decide whether the specific system is appropriate for the organization. It aids in cost savings since the system would be altered if it was determined by computer experts to be unsatisfactory.

This method has a cost benefit as well. It reveals information on how pricey the systems are. Analyzing the systems components is how this is accomplished. If the system cannot be implemented because it is inappropriate, it will not be implemented. It demonstrates to the decision-makers the systems suitability (Mattioli et al., 2018). They could bargain the systems price if any technical problems are discovered. The specific system will not be installed if there is a severe problem.

Another responsibility of the computer engineer is to determine whether the systems are appropriate. This practice might benefit decision-makers more than others. After analyzing the hack-proof mechanism, a more significant benefit of the system might emerge. It offers a deeper understanding of the hardware and software (Teles, 2018). This is because it can better utilize the systems implementation. Knowing whether the system is appropriate for the organization is of utmost importance. Knowing that this method is appropriate for the specific organization department is helpful. They evaluate the computers capacity to comprehend the systems applicability. The organizations routers and circuit boards. It is essential for figuring out the organizations hardware and software. After observing the system, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the system that would be more reasonable and cheap for the organization. In order to deliver a greater understanding of the best system, the organization must have the best strategy (Nishihara, Sunayama, & Yachida, 2017). This is the companys finest advantage if a comprehensive examination of the system is done. Analyzing the installed gadgets in the hack-proof equipment is necessary. It gives the decision-makers better information about the system and the installation procedure. A better strategy for the business could be to make the most of the computer experts expertise. The best research for decision-makers is that produced by computer engineers. It aids in choosing the actions that will benefit the organization the most (Lue & DHaro, 2016). The engineers are knowledgeable and skilled. They stay current on the most recent system updates and needs. It aids in reducing the enterprises risk. This is because the decision is based on the analysis and is the best for the organization. Relevance from the perspective of the companys risk mitigation may exist.

It has been suggested that appropriate systems be implemented by computer experts who are also taking part in more extensive research projects. This is being done to increase their understanding of the analyses they conducted. In addition, it is essential to keep them abreast of the most current systems, software, and technology. This might facilitate transparent software design and development. It aids in developing the finest plan possible for businesses. As a result, the risk associated with HR might be reduced because decision-makers would have access to the best information about the hack-proof system (Teles, 2018). The decisions taken by the decision-makers serve as the foundation for all of the organizations primary actions. It might increase the organizations profitability or the likelihood that it will go bankrupt. The systems have received much funding. There could be a significant loss to the company if the systems fail. The companys resources might impact this procedure. It most significantly affects the competitive edge. This is so because every organization has the propensity to outperform itself. This might make it easier to compete in the market. Every task carried out within the company is done to produce money. A significant quantity of money has been invested in a specific technique (Lee, 2019). If the approach does not work, the business could sustain severe damage to both its internal and external environments.

System implementation and enterprise risk management

The cost and hack-proof analysis of the computer engineer has been mentioned in the discussion above. Additionally, this was connected to the decision-making process, and the computer engineers supported the decision-makers. The emphasis in this section has been on the various risk mitigation strategies that computer engineers have helped the decision-makers. The technical and internal processes of the hack-proof system need to recognize decision-makers. Computer engineers masterfully preserve hardware and software information (Lue & DHaro, 2016). They could contribute by sharing their expert Knowledge of the systems functionality. The organization aims to find long-term benefits from the system through investments.

There may be a significant risk if the decision-makers base their choices on incorrect system analysis. It can jeopardize the enterprises investment and goal. The companys financial standing could suffer a severe loss. The companys primary resources are its funds or capital. The optimum way to manage the other resources could be achieved. The financial aspect presents the greatest dangers (Lue & DHaro, 2016). This is because it can impact the companys profitability status. If a default is discovered after implementing the system, that could be a significant issue. The ideal environment for system installation could be determined with the aid of computer engineers. They are involved in the marketing industries. They advise on the most effective action, and the implementation may go well (Lee, 2019). Computer engineers could give the system the best scope. It advises that the decision-makers develop a strategy for how the system works. Thus, the cost and other problematic issues for the organization might be managed with this.

Computer engineers could analyze the system, designed to be expensive to construct and impenetrable to hackers. The decision-maker could be informed about the systems defaults and other features. The computer engineer could propose a price for the system based on its design (Shackelford, 2018). As a result, the business benefits more from it. This is because it is based on data that the computer engineer provided. Computer engineers keep up with the most recent market developments. They know the ideal system or what would work best for the organization. As a result, the organization could manage this effectively (Lue & DHaro, 2016). It was possible to recognize the system that was intended to be hacker-proof. As a result, the organization may have the best network, and the risk of data theft may be reduced.


There are various types of risks involved with the business. Cybercrime and data theft are the main risks. The organization must manage this well. Engineers working with computers might handle this. They analyze the system and offer the most cost-effective option for installation. There may be appropriate steps to take if any systemic aberrations are discovered.
On the other hand, there are several things that the system has to be managed for. The decision-makers need more technical expertise. As a result, they could offer the decision-makers the best information. After the hack-proof system is implemented, it might ensure that there will not be any more instances of data theft from the organization. As a result, it will protect the organization from protecting its data. Transferring her data to the stakeholders was simple for them. As a result, it reduces the possibility that the enterprises essential data will be taken due to cybercrime.



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