All the activities that promotes the transfer of goods, services, people, ideas, resources and technologies are the comes under the umbrella of international business (What is International Business?, n.d.). Business plays a vital role on international level. It helps to develop relations and it is the business on the basis of which relations got worse between nations. Business is the symbols of income and money and nobody and no nation can let go of money so easily. Business is the driving force behind most of the relations nations build and try to build with each other in this modern world. actually, they are making relationships to sign new contracts and to find new markets for their products or to buy something valuable from the other nation or country.

Following are the roles of business on international level

  1. Business made the movement of goods possible from one country to the other. Import and export are the forms of the business and today’s modern work depends on import and exports because no country can survive on its own now
  2. Agreements are made through business contracts that allow other international and foreign firms to use products and services of other nations. This process is called licensing and franchising.
  3. The operations of sales and the process of formation of products are learnt and exchanged under business agreements.
  4. Manufacturing and distribution of products and services, research and distribution facilities in foreign markets are formed through business activities.
  5. Samsung is a South Korean company that is specialized in producing electronic devices and it is one of the world’s largest electric devices producer. It is also specialized in producing a variety of electric devices for industrial use. The digital devices and mobile phones are the most popular devices made by Samsung and they are very well know for these two products. Memory chips for computers and mobile phones, semiconductors and integrated systems are other products of Samsung. It is one of the biggest and most reliable name in the world of technology and a brand of around $61 million.

Samsung has invested in a variety of products. They have invested not only in electronic devices but also in construction, heavy and medical industry. They also make memory chips. So, they have wide range of customers, ranging from children to teenagers to adults and to aged person. They have devised their network quit well. They have also developed their network in many countries. They have offices in 6 out of seven continents of Earth. They are selling almost every country of the earth in one way or they other. As mentioned earlier they have invested in a variety of products and services, so, they also have a variety of customers as well. They sale these products to these customers that belong to every age group. They sale their products directly as well as indirectly through third party.

The imports of Samsung includes Display panel, Camera module and Base band chip that are used to made mobile displays, mobile cameras and processors respectively. According to the annual report published by Samsung “In 2018, the major customers of Samsung was Apple, , Huawei,  Deutsche Verizon, Telekom and BestBuy. These five giants bought 14% of the total sale of Samsung (Samsung, 2018). These big brands buys from Samsung and use those products in their electric devices.

Samsung believes in producing superior devices through technology and bring them to the general public. So far, there strategy seemed to worked because Samsung recently again becomes world’s largest mobile phone seller. Samsung, the South Korean brand, is the leading mobile phone company in the world in 2020. The net worth of Samsung is about $1.2 trillion at the moment. It has its headquarters in South Korea, Seoul city. It products around 394 million handsets annually and sales around 321.2 million units per year (Anjum, 2020).

“Inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future”

Samsung’s Vision Statement

So far, company successfully achieved it aims and objectives. Now, it is known globally and a good reputation in the general public.

Explain how international law can affect the business

In 1945, President Harry Truman stated, “When Kansas and Colorado have a quarrel over the water in the Arkansas River they don’t call out the National Guard in each state and go to war over it. They bring a suit in the Supreme Court of the United States and abide by the decision. There isn’t a reason in the world why we cannot do that internationally” (Introduction to International Law Business Law, n.d.). It means that every conflict can be resolved with the assistance of some laws. There is no need to fight against each other. If there is a dispute between two partner companies they can settle the matter within the court. Government has developed a strong judicial system and laws for that purpose. In addition to these laws, international laws also helps to settle the disputes in an effective way.

International laws regulates the businesses. They effect the business in positive ways that they do not allow them to exceed their limits that can bring problems for general public. Similarly, international laws also keep things in balance because businessmen knows that if they make any blunder, the other party will take them to the court and they will have to compensate them and additional charges can be put in the name of fraud. These international laws are made to make sure that no one will cross the limit and everyone will get their due rights.

Discuss how the League of Nations was established

The league of nations  pre cursor of the United Nations – was found in 1919 as a response to the First World War to ensure the collective security and prevent the outbreak of future wars (Housden, 2014). After the First World War, nations came together to discuss the potential solution to prevent the such wars because they were horrified by the destruction that the First World War brought to the European countries. The result came in the form of “League of Nations”. It was decided that all the international disputes will be brought here and solved through discussion and dialogues.

Main aims of the League

League of Nations was made to facilitates future diplomacy in case of any international threat and the mandate of this organization was to contain that threat at its initial stages and propose a reasonable solutions. It was made to eliminate every potential cause of the war by promoting social and economic justice among international society.

The main aim of the organization was to free the world from fatal arms and prevent war through increased collaboration and collective security. It was also the aim the settle disputes among nations through dialogues, negotiations and diplomacy for the sake of global welfare( The League of Nations, 2014). In short, The main aims of the organization is to prevent war. These all were the ways to achieve that single aim, peace and stability.

strengths and weaknesses of the League of Nations

League of Nation surely had some plus points. It tried to make world a better place by its following action. Committees were established to improve the condition of human rights after the war. Many powerful nations joined the league and sat on the table for making peace. Equal say and equal vote was given to each member country to ensure equality. These were all the strengths of the League of Nations that were supposed to help it in maintaining global peace.

There were not strict repercussions against violators of the peace. Leagues was unable to give the sense of unity as America refused to join and for most people it was a winner club. These were the main weaknesses of the league that lead the world towards another war.

For example, League of nations was unable to stop, contain and prevent Japan from taking military action and taking seizing the Chinese state of Manchuria (Hitchings, n.d.). It was the biggest and most fatal weakness shown by League of Nation that took whole world to the Second World War that were more deadlier then the first one. League did its best but there were still shortcomings. They had to learn but it was too late. But they did learn after the Second World War.

United Nations – state their aims and principles

The main aims of the United Nations are clear from Article 1 of the UN charter. It tell us that the main purpose of the UN is to maintain peace and security in the entire world. The second point of this charter tells that UN will promote and ensure friendly relations among the nations (Asthana, 2020). It aims for the global peace and security for all.

United Nations works on the principle of mutual trust and cooperation. It believes in the equality of all nations and give equal importance to their views. The main principles on which United Nations operates made it a successful organization that maintained global peace for so long and did not let Third World War happen.

Three human rights articles

Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood (Nations, 1948). This articles states that all human beings are free from their birth and no body and own and enslave any human being in any form. Being free is the most basic right of any human being that is why it took the first place in United Nations Human Rights charter.

Article 3

According to Article 3, every human being is free. He/she has the right of liberty and personal security and can enjoy the right to life. It means that it is illegal to take life of any human being.

Article 5

This article states that human beings can not be tortured and cruelty is not allowed when it comes to treat the most rational being. Any form of inhuman and degrading treatment is not allowed along with the punishment.

How United Nations have improved from the League of Nations

The first and most important reason is that America is part of United nations whereas it was not the part League of Nations. It was more significant in that period because USA emerged as super power and it has huge role and impact on rest of the world. Unlike, League of Nations, UN also has the power to take strict actions to prevent any conflict that could take the world to war. UN can deploy peace keeping forces where it thinks necessary and it can prevent the war and helps to normalize the situation.

The relationship of the countries also improved with the help of UN throughout the history. If he took the example of Indo Pak wars, it was UN who made them sign the peace treaty.

What is meant by globalization and its characteristics

Globalization is word that is used to describe increased interdependence of the world’s economy, its population and its culture. It brough the whole world together in a way that one can not survive without other. Every nations needs the products and services of other nation in one form or the other.

Globalization is a mindset that teaches us interdependence. It is also characterized by opportunities it provide to human beings throughout the globe.

Potential causes of globalization

Improved and fast transportation is the main cause of globalization. Improved technology also adds to the effects and causes of globalizations. Technology made it easier to communicate.

Differences in economies

Developed economy: It is characterized by high economic activity and high per capita income.

Developing economy: It has low Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries and relatively low income.

Emerging economy: These economies are engaging more with global market. It has  very low per capita income.


Benefits and limitations of international trade and economic growth

There is mutual understanding between different nations and it is a reason to prevent war. It brought peace in the world. The flow of money increased.

Due to free trade competition has increased and small business in suffering. International trade is taking resources out of the poor countries in the name of luxuries.

Selected business on a global scale

Samsung is famous name and need no introduction. They made their products by different raw materials. They imports those materials and use them in their products and then the finalized products are exported to target countries and sold there.


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