Background and Introduction:

            Hercynite is a spinel mineral that occurs with the presence of high metamorphosed iron rich argillaceous sediments. It was found in the year 1847. This particle shows a spinel of regular symmetry and normality in the cation distribution. The composition of this element includes ferrous and aluminium ions. In most cases, the structure is also composed of ferric ions. The crystal class of this structure is isometric with a hexoctahedral crystal class. Its lustre is vitreous (glassy) with a dark green colour. This is a brief discussion of the hercynite. This nanoparticle also has the property of a magnetic nanoparticle and serve as a heterogeneous catalyst (Wang et al., 2018). Many researchers researched to analyse the components structure and present this nanoparticle as a fundamental support to immobilise the heterogeneous compounds. The principles that are followed to develop this type of catalysts is the green chemistry principles. These principles also support sustainability practices. The synthesis of MNPs is proved to be as highly beneficial for immobilising the homogenous complexes. It also involves the high yield of products and the excellent selectivity of the compounds. Many researches are conducted to examine this heterogenous catalyst. So, this is some of the background information regarding the research topic. 

Research aims:

            The research study aims to synthesise MNPs and to present these nanoparticles as novel heterogeneous catalysts. The synthesis of these heterogeneous elements helps in supporting to immobilise the heterogeneous compounds.


The objectives of the research are as follows:

  1. Examination of the structure of hercynite magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs)
  2. Analysis of the green principle technology
  3. Evaluation of the hercynite magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs)
  4. Implementation of the hot filtration test for the investigative study.

The rationale of the research:

            The rationale of the research study is to increase the literature of the previous researches regarding hercynite magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and their role in the promotion of sustainability to immobilise the heterogeneous compounds. This will help know more about the hercynite magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and their applications in heterogeneous compounds (Pandey et al., 2020).  


            The method that will be used to conduct the research study was a green principle technology. The entire strategy will follow a simple, rapid, and convenient route in which L Methionine–Pd was immobilised on the surface. The structure and the composition of the prepared hercynite were characterised by X ray diffraction spectroscopy. Other than this, recycled nanocatalyst was used for at least five cycles with no significant loss in the activity.

            This is the methodology of the research that will be followed. The research will be ethically considerable and highly useful for developing and applying the magnetically recoverable Pd nanocatalyst based on the green chemistry principles (Mohammadi & Ghorbani Choghamarani, 2020).


            Mohammadi, M. and Ghorbani Choghamarani, A., 2020. l Methionine–Pd complex supported on hercynite as a highly efficient and reusable nanocatalyst for C–C cross coupling reactions. New Journal of Chemistry44(7), pp.2919 2929.

            Pandey, S., Do, J.Y., Kim, J. and Kang, M., 2020. Fast and highly efficient catalytic degradation of dyes using κ carrageenan stabilized silver nanoparticles nanocatalyst. Carbohydrate polymers230, p.115597.

            Wang, L., Huo, M., Chen, Y. and Shi, J., 2018. Iron engineered mesoporous silica nanocatalyst with biodegradable and catalytic framework for tumor specific therapy. Biomaterials163, pp.1 13.

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