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In the course of the past decade, a healthier lifestyle has been developing, including customer goods and services. Governments and NGOs are increasingly encouraging a healthier lifestyle as individual health choices of the people, but doctors are continuing to warn against diseases. Modern science shows that consuming a balanced diet will do much for healthy living. Due to the rising demand for fast foods by end users and the fact that an increasing percentage of customers are feeling they need to eat healthily, we believe our products will be well received and purchased by the consumers. Research shows that the majority of the interviewees (74%) are conscious that nutritious foods have an effect on their quality of life.

The restaurant "Hunger Meet" focuses on the broader food industry with a healthy food market sector and, within it, a catering division for the healthy fast food market that develops foods which are readily available (fast to buy), delicious and not health-harming. Foods actually contain nutrients that help prevent and respond to various disease forms. Competitors from Hunger Meet concentrate on meeting the same fundamental needs as soon as possible. The company has not yet begun to sell goods. The company would initially offer goods through the internet ( for customers and a newsstand in London. A web portal with a healthy lifestyle and healthy food will also be created. The website also provides market room for advertisements.

Business Objective

Goals have a clearly established goal for the company. Plans for achieving these goals can then be created. That can inspire the staff. It also allows the company to monitor progress to its specified goals.

•The main aim of the Hunger Meet project's digitalization of food services and food application concepts is to build a feasible business plan, designing a food service that would enable us to change the old fashion way of providing a service. The aim of this project is to develop a feasible business plan.

From our mission statement we have taken our general aims and they are:

•Give safe and affordable fast food to hurried staff, who like to eat healthy bites.

•Make sure our items are new with high quality ingredients

•Sustainable growth that enables us globally to extend our shops and concepts, and of course annual profitability. Encourage us to offer faster and better services than our rivals with the use of IT in our restaurants, giving us a competitive advantage.

Company Vision

Hunger Meet vision statement is

To serve customers satisfaction by delicious quality food and an exceptional experience in restaurants while working for the common good of our staff, our society and our climate.

Company Mission

Hunger Meet Mission statement is

To delight and nurture our clients at fair price with healthy, quality and delicious food and service

Value Creation and proposition canvas

Any business entity's main objective is to meet clients by generating and optimizing value, by providing goods and services satisfactorily (Pokorná et al, 2015). The value of a company product or service depends on the understanding of the customer (Andreassen et al, Journal of Service Management.). If customers consider the product or 7 service to be worthy, then that view will lead to the acquisition of that product or service (Osterwalder et al, 2014). Value is conceived as 'a global evaluation by the customer of the usefulness of a product based on obtained and delivered products' (Pokorná et al, 2015). Value can therefore be represented as "the total value of the product or service, as measured by the consumer, as to its net value (benefits provided by the service) and what is being offered (costs or sacrifices for the acquisition and use of the service)"" The value is defined as " (Former et al., 2003, p. 562). Value formation has been researched in multi-dimensional aspects and has been investigated in various disciplines such as marketing (Osterwalder et al, 2014), service scientific field (Sjödin et al, 2018). There are two separate significances to the word "value." It expresses itself as the usefulness of a specific item (value in use) and often as the power to buy other goods transmitted by possession therein (value-in-exchange). Researchers spoke more widely about the words 'value inuse' and 'value-in-exchange' using this fundamental approach.

The menu range for sportsmen is extremely small in almost every restaurant. The standard sports salad in most restaurants is not saturated and suited for fitness with a great many dressings and accessories. The menu is also not saturated. At Hunger Meet, every athlete gets what they want from the entire menu. Give customers the opportunity to make their own plates via digital ordering service due to various food requirements such as different carbohydrates, meats and vegetables. This creative system allows customers to meet their various requirements and wishes.

The high density of restaurants in the same area significantly exacerbates rivalry and differentiation from competition is hardly possible. Hunger Meet therefore must be restricted to a unique sales advantage which enables specific profiling to be carried out. (See Appendix 1) value proposition diagram.

Pain reliever

Hunger meet will have multiple options that alleviates customer pains

•Delivered directly to the offices

•Online platforms, walk-ins or telephonic orders

•Availability to order subscription (order once and receive different dishes everyday)

Gain creator

Gain creators explain how consumer benefits are made from the goods and services. That's why the team comes with creative ideas that include full-nutrient balanced fresh and dietary foods. Hunger meet provide healthy food within hour.

Customer job

Based on our survey Hunger Meet found four customer jobs; Eating option, Healthier eating alternatives, sustain their lifestyles and Pay cash or card.

Customer Gain

The consumer gains are the advantages and needs the customer wants of Hunger, which will delight the customers and increase the chances of implementing a Hunger Fulfill value proposition. Healthier and personalized service is offered by Hunger Meet. The food is 10 percent lower than the normal choice for food supply.

Pain elements

The unpleasant feelings, emotions and risks experienced by customers in the course of making the work of Hunger Meet are painful components. Pains can be regarded as a hazard to the produced product. The following challenges are faced by hunger.

•Cost constraint of the customers

•Lack of food catering for short period of time

•Lack of time

•Inability to cook

Business Model Convex

Business model is also essential to have every business plan. A business plan depends on a business model, since the business model provides framework for the concrete activities of the business plan. A business model describes the basic aspects of how a company generates, delivers and captures profit (Osterwalder et al, 2014) Tools to ease and demonstrate the development of business plans are therefore given. One great tool, made by Alex and Yves Pigneur, is the Business Model Canvas from the Business Model Generation. It is a handful of tools targeted at entrepreneurs for business and strategic management purposes. You can easily design and define the business models using the business model canvas. The canvas business model is divided into nine blocks, each helping to show the company how it makes money. The blocks are also divided into four main areas of a company: consumers, supply, infrastructure, and financial sustainability. (Osterwalder et al, 2014). (See Appendix 2).


The Customer Segment assists an entrepreneur in identifying and serving various groups of individuals or organizations. To make profit for a business, they need to find and choose the right customers for the effort and the best service. In other words, not all people can be happy, so it's necessary to find people willing to pay to serve them better. A firm could have many or only one large or small segment of customers, selecting the main customers and paying less attention, (Osterwalder et al, 2014) The Customer segment of Hungry MEET is Office goers in London, which is busy in their work and life.


Value Proposition allows a contractor to determine the package of goods and services that have value for customers. It enables a contractor to consider what the client will come to your company again and again. The offer is to solve the dilemma of a consumer and to meet their requirements. (Osterwalder et al, 2014)

A great contrast with other current, balanced foods is produced to serve value ads with new varied products. The key benefit of Hunger Meet is to offer:

•Healthier eating options which is whole grains and fat free directly to the offices with some exciting offers and reduce costs.

•Good, pure food served.

•Ingredients that are new.

•Enable consumers to taste fresh.

•Food provided on demand by high quality service customers


It is necessary for an enterprise to identify how to contact its customers and how to make them aware of the enterprise and its value proposals. Customers, on the other hand, require an approach to the company on all matters relating to the activities of the company. For example, whether the customers are interested in supporting or upgrading a new product they purchased. Thus, the perception and happiness of the client have a direct impact. (Osterwalder et al, 2014)To reach the consumer and raise the value of their nutritious foods, Hunger Meet used various platforms. The following platform is:

•Media available online and offline

•The provision of services directly to the customers' offices and employment


It should clarify to a contractor what kind of ties between each customer segment should be. For an organization it is vital to consider the partnership your consumers need and whether some particular groups are better served than others. The decision on which type of relationship the organization has with customers could be based on various motivations. For example: new customers are acquired, old customers are retained or profits are boosted. (Osterwalder et al, 2014)

Hunger meet building personal relationships with the customers and clients. For business success, strong client ties are important REVENUE STREAM

For what consumers would be able to pay for, where the business would get money, and what the values and methods of payment the consumer would value so that it paid for them and the company would start generating 18 money, the enterprise would identify. In order to cover the costs and make a difference, it is vital for an organization to find and get certain money streams to flow. (Osterwalder et al, 2014). Hungry Meet revenue stream is

•Sale of the products and services KEY RESOURCES

The critical resources that the company requires for its activities must be identified if the business is to operate properly. This may be physical, financial, intellectual and human capital. For example, a business usually requires a place and equipment to work (Osterwalder et al, 2014)

•Key Resources of Hungry Meet is to provide agro based farm food which is healthy and low fat.

•Hunger food recruit professional cook which make healthy delicious dishes.

•Food suppliers


This block allows the business to realize what a company has to do to make the business model work and the company run smoothly. It explains to the enterprise what steps are necessary in order to achieve the desired result at each point. (Osterwalder et al, 2014). Hunger Meet key activities are:

•To always encourage their investors

•To provide effective customer service

•Process and deliver food orders


The entrepreneur should identify the right partners and suppliers to establish a company network in this block. In order to provide and sustain the operations, the organization needs to have the right contacts. Partnerships are most often required to access the capital necessary for the business. Partnerships are also used to reduce market risk and to strengthen the market position. (Osterwalder et al, 2014). Hunger Meet Key Partners are:

•Agro based farms

•Food suppliers

•Angel investors

•Corporate offices


The cost structure of Hunger MEET is:

•Cost of the operations

•Client support

•Paying of taxes

Marketing Plan

A marketing strategy is a mechanism designed to decide how consumers, the organization concerned and the main stakeholders are to be valued. This paper is a description of what the marketer learned over a period of time through marketing, what is to be done and how. There are three phases that the marketer must take to execute a marketing plan: One is to investigate and analyze the current situation, including the markets and customers; two is the creation and recording of marketing goals, strategies and programs; three is the implementation, evaluation and management of the marketing initiatives to achieve previously established objectives. (Cohen & W. A, 2005). Every single company, including start-ups, multinationals, and various foundations, needs a marketing plan to help it remain on track to reach its objectives.

Hunger Meet Marketing Mix


The aim of a restaurant is to meet the needs of the customer, so as to provide them with an unforgettable experience to repeat. The quality of the food is the main ingredient in a restaurant, and if customers are not pleased, they go elsewhere. Our restaurant serves various foods, pasta and sandwiches. Good dinner and lunch are available either as a single order or as subscriptions for a week or a month. The choices for subscriptions allow you to monitor your calories and help you set your body / health goals and meet them. Only choose the Diet form keto, vegetarian or fundamental Place

One of the main elements in the performance of a restaurant is the venue. In fact, good visibility is necessary to attract customers, especially at the start if the restaurant is not well known. For the restaurant to operate, easy access and convenience are also required. Particularly for our businesses as we strive to make London's business people and staff unable to spend a long day from office to lunch to save time. In downtown London, where numerous staff are present, or in one of the many offices across the city, we could start our restaurant.


The pricing is the marketing mix's only revenue generating variable. But other factors impact it, for example, if a location's cost is high, the price charged will probably be higher in a restaurant as well. A large number of customers is the only way to stop high prices. Hunger meet deliver a very low price of nutritious food. Every rich and poor person living in London can easily get this healthy food


Promotion is the practice that not only attracts but also persuades restaurateurs to be faithful to new clients. Promotion campaigns can have several different objectives including raising market awareness, enjoying customer visits, building brand loyalty, etc. Hunger meet use different social media platforms which is:




•Word of mouth

Hunger Meet SWOT Analysis

SWOT analyses are characterized by strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for assessing internal and external factors in the organization overall, (Leigh & D, 2009)

HR department

Restaurants are fast-paced business. Hunger Meet HR department handle such as recruiting, performance management and remaining in line with jobs and food-handling regulations. HR's position and duties vary from the moment an applicant shows an interest in working for the Hunger Meet to the employee's last day on the job. HR personnel skills, understanding of business trends and experience build a formula for restaurant success.

Customer Engagement Plan

Consumer engagement planning focuses on delivering a customized approach focused on authentic customer relationships. As this data is valuable to consumers, it helps them to understand and understand their actions and analysis. Therefore, customer experience planning is one of the main ways to reach businesses and brands in all industries and sectors of society, (Hassan et al, 2015). Customer engagement in restaurants is a crucial part of the activities in restaurants. In order to generate customer interest and make it a retention, time, money and a smart restaurant POS are needed effectively to win over and over again. The battle never ends because of the industry's abundance of competition. Hunger Meet creates a team that focuses on the digital consumer involvement, as technology continues to be a key way to improve revenue. The new team will use technology in order to reach consumers and to promote revenue growth as part of the healthy food plan. In its restaurants, Hunger Meet has installed digital self-catering kiosks, expanded the food supply and invested in technological solutions in this region. Digital ordering, personalization, payment, credit rating and distribution would involve digital customer interaction.

Financial and Financing Plan

The method of financial planning is the calculation and determination of the resources required. It is the method of framing financial policies for acquisition, expenditure and management of the company's funds.

The main objective, which was to turn a profit from Hungry Meet restaurant. In the financial review, the restaurant is a profitable venture or not. All costs associated with the opening of the restaurant and its operations are mentioned in Appendix 3 of the initial financial table.


The restaurant we set up fits perfectly in current trends, with safe and dietary trends in London especially in recent years. People are becoming more concerned with the food they consume and eat healthily. Our design involves several elements simultaneously and no restaurant in the region has them all simultaneously. Small local companies, quality and green local products are our suppliers. Our location provides both local consumers and office staff with a huge advantage and an increased number. The office staff of London are our biggest potential clients. In a matter of hours our restaurant offers quick online service. Website for our restaurant is ( You can also order via the "just eat" platform or by phone/application or on the official website. We would need 43100 pounds to start a business and a gross financial contribution of 55000 pounds for our restaurant.


It is a long and challenging process to write a business plan and support for theory is necessary to achieve the best possible result. We've been reading a great many documents before starting to write our business plan: various posts, guidebooks on business plans and blogs by various experts. We read numerous business plans for professionals and colleagues in the hospitality sector. They gave me the most useful guidelines and a more realistic approach. Once the business plan framework has been clearer, we were able to build our own table of contents to arrange my ideas correctly. This approach gave me an overview of what we need to know and what we need to look at. Obviously, our preliminary plan had to be changed because new ideas came during the process and a number of other points were not required. Our business strategy is a well-planned and fully executed project.


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