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Models of Linear Statistics

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What is the course focused on?

The linear models are essential to the theory and practice of current statistics. They represent recognition as a linear monopoly of explanatory variables and are the most widely utilised statistical models. Beginning with examples from a variety of application domains, this topic develops a sophisticated centralised theory that incorporates the following:

  1. Evaluation of model parameter values
  2. Quadratic forms
  3. Testing hypotheses using analysis of variance
  4. Model selection diagnostics and predictions based on model assumptions.
  5. Both full rank prototypes and non full rank models are accounted for. The hypothesis is illustrated throughout the curriculum using standard models and empirical designs.

The program s successful learning outcomes include:

  1. Understand the essential statistical premise of linear models and the limitations imposed by these models.
  2. Using a typical statistical computing set, fit linear models to the data and comprehend the results.
  3. Get the ability to work in unanticipated circumstances and identify applicable solution policies.
  4. To improve the investigation s openness and efficacy, acquire the capacity to formulate and communicate logical statements and to operate in abstract or general terms.
  5. The ability to meet formal deadlines while balancing competing obligations.
  6. Ability to manipulate statistical computing software programmes.

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