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Analysis of Under Armours Global Brand Strategy in Light of Sports Economics:

Students enrolled in Sports Economics, Global Brand Management, and Under Armour will learn about supply and demand, opportunity cost, price ceilings, absolute and comparative advantage, and market structures. This course will introduce students to the intersection of the for profit sector, public finance, and labour economics. Students will gain an understanding of topics such as tax and profit planning, competitive and entry barriers, profit maximisation, and antitrust exemptions in baseball via the lens of sports economic behaviour related to leagues.

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Assignments Solutions provides qualified tutors for the following courses:

  1. MPSM 700: Sports Industry Financial Management
  2. Marketing and Promotion in Sports Around the World: MPSM 842
  3. Sports Facility and Event Planning (MPSM 720)
  4. MPSM 500 MPSM 520 Sports Ethics: Applying Values to Real World Contexts
  5. Sports PR and Media Communications MPSM 510 Leadership and Management in Sports
  6. SPSM 620 Sports Marketing: Promotion, Licensing, and Sponsorship Growth

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