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The Investments course module covers the following ideas about how to manage investments:

  1. Price of assets
  2. Analysis of the Fixed Income Industry
  3. Contracts for derivatives
  4. During the course students will learn the analytical tools and financial hypotheses they need to make sound investment decisions and understand how financial securities are valued Scholars will also learn by heart the doctrines of modern portfolio hypotheses and apply them to real world examples of how to price assets.

If the students finish the programme well they will be able to achieve the following career learning outcomes:

  1. Show how the investment pricing models work in theory and real life
  2. Check the rates and earnings on the bonds
  3. Read and understand the macroeconomic and industry analysis the equity valuation and the financial affidavit analysis
  4. Use derivatives to change the risk return aspects of a portfolio
  5. Work well in an organisation to look at a financial situation or a situation and give professional conclusions or suggestions
  6. So students it would help if you were more realistic about spending the money you earn from part time jobs or your parents money

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