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The main goal of this study is to learn how project management helps businesses reach their short term and long term goals. Team based learning is used in the Discover Project Management course to help students find out what project management is all about. It also gives students a wide range of educational information and business knowledge that helps them understand the connection between a project and the parent company and how to run it well. When students finish the Discover Project Management class, they have the basic information they need to start, propose, and choose projects based on five good business reasons.(Online Assignment Help UK)

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First, let's look at all of the problems that students face when they have to do their schoolwork:

  1. Kept busy all day: Students don't just have to do assignments for one subject but also set up appointments for several different topics. In addition to writing assignments, they also have to do research, run experiments, attend events, and work part time jobs to pay for their daily needs.
  2. Difficult subject: Some things are challenging to understand. To know the topic well, you need to be smart, have good analytical skills, and be able to think about things in a general way.
  3. Bad focus: A entirely focused thought will only get sensible results. The students don't seem ready to specialise in their project work because of bad past performances, nostalgia, etc. So they need help to come up with a good answer.
  4. Language barrier: Students who move from one country to another to continue their education often need help writing their assignments well because English is not their first language.
  5. Bad presentation skills: Professors expect students to show the whole answer by writing well and giving a good presentation. If students need to learn how to write well, it's easier for them to turn in an excellent task answer.(Online Assignment Help UK)

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