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Computer Systems

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In this Computer Systems unit students will learn how computer systems are put together from basic logic gates to software applications Students in the course as mentioned above will learn step by step how to understand the layers of abstractions that computer systems depend on Under this course the students will do a series of activities and tasks to learn how each layer works and works together to make a complete computer system

The goals of the course:

  1. Recognize the I T roles important to your career goals explain their relevant skills duties and professional practice and think about your strengths and what you need to learn and improve to succeed in these roles
  2. Find out what you don t know and how to find and use the right resources to learn what you need to know
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  9. Help with an assignment on networks and communications
  10. Help with Assignments for An Introduction to Programming
  11. Help with Assignment for Professional Practice in Information Technology
  12. Help with Project Design Work

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