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Igneous Metamorphic geology Methods And Processes

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In the Igneous Metamorphic geology Methods and Processes class students will learn how:

  1. How did the ocean floor and continents form?
  2. How do volcanoes and their plumbing work?
  3. Magmas are made in the mantle and crust of the Earth
  4. Does the Earth s makeup change as it gets higher?

The Igneous Metamorphicgeology Methods and Processes course will teach students how to identify different types of metamorphic rocks and how they relate to other pressure temperature conditions and plate types of tectonic environments Students will be able to learn how to use geochemistry to understand how igneous and metamorphic processes work and how to use a microscope to identify common minerals that makeup rocks

  1. When students finish the programme successfully they will be able to do the following things for their careers:
  2. Make sure people know that mantle convection and plate tectonics affect the spread of igneous activities and crustal metamorphism by changing the temperature and pressure of the rocks
  3. Make sure you understand the physics and chemistry behind how metamorphic rocks magmas and their mineral deposits form crystals
  4. Compare geochemical data to understand how igneous processes work and how magma forms for igneous intrusions and volcanic activity
  5. Use polarising microscopes and other tools to identify minerals and describe their textures in general igneous and metamorphic rocks and then do a critical analysis of the information and data
  6. Describe and show how variables like temperature pressure and the rocks shape affect how minerals group together in metamorphic rocks
  7. Find synthesise and analyse data to show potential using tools and technologies usually used in the field and the lab
  8. Use various technologies and communication skills to explain the geological points of view clearly
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