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Midwifery Professional Practice

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During this Midwifery Professional Practice module students will learn essential midwifery skills for woman centred prenatal care In a simulated exercise setting students will learn how to provide midwifery care to the pregnant woman and those there to help her The unit will also focus on teaching the students what they need to know for their clinical placement The program also prepares students about the importance of health and safety at work and it helps them learn how to communicate and keep records The Midwifery Professional Practice module will cover how to find women who need care so that it stays the same

The learning outcomes for the program if it is finished well are

  1. Using a primary health care framework you should know what the midwife does during pregnancy
  2. Change your understanding of PHC frameworks to help you make a thorough first health assessment
  3. Change how you talk to people to help partnerships and professional alliances progress
  4. Exercise within the legal moral and skilful boundaries is essential for midwifery
  5. Do beginning midwifery skills correctly and react in the right way Think about what you and other people have done well
  6. Keep the Work Health and Safety (WHS) and related strategies in place
  7. Work Health and Safety (WHS) and related strategies should be considered

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