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is about how financial markets work.

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Financial assets are a vital part of how depositors and buyers work together. So, they are essential for making money and getting the economy going. This lesson aims to look at the basic rules of economics, such as the pricing and growth of financial assets, the trade off between risk and return, and how investors can use this trade off to make investment portfolios. The focus is on how

financial markets work economically:

  1. Things like supply and demand
  2. Risk and the unknown
  3. Contracts that aren't done yet and re negotiations
  4. What happens when information isn't shared equally?

We talk about the most essential parts of the market for financial assets and the most critical changes in the demand for consumer goods. The department also looks at how financial institutions change over time and what's happening in the financial market.(Online Assignment Help UK)

When this lesson is over, you will be able to:

  1. Learn the basics of how assets are priced.
  2. Learn what the financial markets are and what they do.
  3. Connect predictions based on theory to stylized asset price models.
  4. Demonstrate problem solving skills.

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