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Exploring Earth

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The Exploring Earth course gives students majoring in geology and students not majoring in geology a basic introduction to geology During the program the students will learn about the Earth its parts its characteristics how its energy flows and how it affects everyday people The course mentioned above introduces the planet we call home its origins the processes that shape it and the stories it holds from the far past Students who take the course will be able to.(Nursing Assignment Help)

  1. What s going on below our feet
  2. Why do mountains only grow in some places and not in others
  3. Why do rocks have so many different looks
  4. What can we learn about Earth s history from rocks
  5. The program also thinks about how the geology of a region can affect decisions about mining environmental issues land use managing risks and other things
    Students will be able to look into the following questions through the course program
  1. Why are there big mountains on the east coast where there is a risk of earthquakes
  2. Were there ever volcanoes in Colorado What about oceans
  3. Why are earthquakes volcanoes tsunamis landslides and flooding more likely to happen in some places How does this affect the people who live there

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