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Health Care Ethics

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In the Health Care Ethics course unit students will learn about the most critical ethical hypotheses doctrines and decision making rules The course also examines the moral issues when doctors patients and other people involved in medicine are disrespected The study looks at the philosophical differences between works of art and how they relate to medical practices and modern moral decision making

  1. Disclosure
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Cloning people
  4. Research on abortion by doctors
  5. Transplantation and organ markets
  6. How to divide up the limited resources
  7. Conscientious objection
  8. Research on real people
  9. Euthanasia

When students finish the Health Care Ethics program successfully they will be able to

Look at the statements about various ethical problems in health care such as euthanasia as assisted suicide genetic and disability screening moral objection abortion telling the truth judging in human research confidentiality and genetic manipulation and human enhancement
Explain the importance and limits of professional ethics codes as guides for making ethical decisions
Show why thinking philosophically about moral issues in the healthcare setting is essential
Knowledge of the principle of utility autonomy beneficence major moral hypotheses the city and the medical norms of disability
Create and stick to the point of view about an ethical issue in healthcare
Involve effective conversation about questionable and problematic moral issues
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