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Cultural Interactions

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The main focus of the Cultural Interactions course module is on how culture has changed from its "primitive" beginnings to the behaviours values and beliefs that shape our view of the world today Explore how culture defines social units (class religion ethnicity etc ) and how it affects the interactions of these subgroups

Course goals: When students finish this course successfully they will be able to:

  1. Discuss and write about how cultural studies can be combined with other social sciences to explain how people act globally
  2. Explain some origins and manifestations of their cultural image
  3. Give examples of how our beliefs biases and experiences shape how we see other people and cultures
  4. Evaluate your own and other people s ways of thinking and then explain how cultural views affect how people interact
  5. What problems did students face while tackling the academic tasks the professors and lecturers assigned

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  1. Help with your homework for The Origins of the Modern Global System
  2. Help with International Political Economy
  3. Interactions Between Cultures Help with Cultural Interactions

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