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Strategic Supply Chain Management

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The Strategic Supply Chain Management course module gives students a broad view of strategic supply chain management and a summary of the supply chains This module focuses on the strategic parts and beneficial partnerships in the manufacturing and service supply chains In addition the programme emphasises integrating strategic planning projects sourcing and logistics to get long term competitive advantages locally and internationally

The program's goals for successful learning are

  1. Explain what a supply chain is its goals and how those decisions can affect an organisation
  2. Explain why the three key decision stages in the supply chain are so important
  3. Figure out how supply chains affect the economy and how they are set up
  4. Examine the different techniques and parts of the supply chain
  5. Figure out the difference between the supply chain structures for goods and services
  6. Talk about quality control in the aid industry and in the manufacturing industry
  7. Show how the quality processes affect the design of the supply chain in general
  8. Correlate a lot of helpful forecasting prototypes decision making tools and simulations
  9. Put together a supply chain with aggregate planning
  10. Find out how the exchanges and planning of the project interact with the supply chain management to increase the profit
  11. Figure out what limits the supply chain such as power technology reserves and how goods are managed
  12. Tell the difference between the inner sourcing and outer sourcing policies
  13. Look at the different ways to find sources
  14. Explain both the pros and cons of global sourcing
  15. Look at how changes in the distribution channels affect the logistics of the supply chain locally and globally
  16. Figure out how technology can affect how the supply chain is managed

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